American Studies 430  
The South 
11:00-12:25, T-Th
Spring, 2001
Roger Williams University
Michael R. H. Swanson
Office:  CAS 111
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Assignment on To Kill A Mockingbird Due Tuesday April 10

This time around I would like to have you focus on either

1. Whether the film shows any persistence in the images of cavalier, yeoman, and cracker through the characters presented, and in what ways these images may have become modified.

2. Ways in which the image of African Americans changed since Birth of a Nation and/or Gone with the Wind.

For Tuesday, April 10,

READ:, in Major Problems,

Chapter 7: Southern Religion and the Lost Cause, pp. 187-213
(Skip, for now, "Redeeming the South" by Paul Harvey
Read Document 5 and the essay by Elizabeth Turner together.


The United Daughters of the Confederacy is an active organization.

For a speech by June Murray Wells, President General, see

A website dedicated to fighting "Neo-Confederacy" can be found at

Tuesday we will be viewing the next in the series of films for this course,
Driving Miss Daisy
CAS 129
7:00. P.M.


As a number of you already know, the History and American Studies Department  is searching for a new member of the faculty.  Part of the search process requires candidates to make a sample presentation to a class.  Our purpose in this is to involve students in the process.  This class period we'll have a candidate as guest, and he'll speak to you for a little less than an hour.  As I also have to distribute class evaluations I am quite sure we'll not have time to discuss the materials assigned today.  I'll therefore postpone them until the Tuesday after the Passover/Easter break.
A Review of Driving Miss Daisy
The Theme from Driving Miss Daisy